Are you a green enthusiast?
so are WE!

A glimpse at what we do the best...


A breath of freshness infused into those concrete walls; they are no more dull & life-less 😉


Ever given a thought about
sharing your living space with nature?
From a desktop plant to a full fledged green setup,
we’ve got it all!

Moss Walls..

A beautiful portrait of lush greenery 
would be the perfect add-on to your living room space.
But hey, these are not mere pictures..

After all, why settle for a picture when you can have them for real?

Fairy & Zen Gardens..

Be it an eco-friendly ‘broken pot’ garden
or the classic Fairy/Zen gardens..
we’ve got the best theme to suit your imagination.

Terrariums & Plant Art..

With these lovelies in your space,
it’s beauty & urban decor – redefined!

Gifting & Orders In Bulk..

A special day for your loved one?
Or an occasion for your team?
We’ve got you covered!

About Us...

Offering an exclusive range of Terrariums, fairy gardens and Bonsai plants, we also have a wide variety of outdoor and indoor plants that are air purifiers and are of medicinal value in numerous ways.
With landscaping and indoor garden solutions – tailored to the requirements of our customers, 
Terrario is the one stop shop for all your green needs.

For a personalised tour,
walk into our store today!

Sarita Bhutra from Bangalore has been into making terrariums, fairy gardens and bonsai for over a decade now. With a demonstrated experience in green interiors and urban gardening coupled with her zeal to spread the green, she has been conducting numerous workshops & training sessions across the nation and has been featured in multiple TV interviews as a green expert. 

Efficiently playing the roles of a daughter, wife and a loving mother.. she also is a successful entrepreneur, running an exclusive Terrarium & Plant boutique in Bangalore – Terrario. 

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